Commercial real estate in Queensland is on the rise. According to the Global Cities report from real estate company Knight Frank, Brisbane's fringe has added to its commercial property stock by 16.2 per cent in the last five years – the third best performance in the country. Incentives are strong, and the report is predicting strong business conditions over at least the rest of the year. 

This prediction was bolstered by the Westpac and Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Pulse Business Confidence Index. In the December quarter last year, the index rose by 2.5 points, settling at 50.7. This shows that businesses are feeling tentatively more confident, and this is likely to improve as everything stabilises post-election.

But with this commercial growth inbound, owners and employers will be looking at how to make their businesses stand out in a rising market. One particularly good way of doing this is by using the right commercial umbrellas or shade structures. Here are the ways that the Skyspan™ range of products can aid your business. 

High visibility

If your business has a strong aesthetic or brand, it could be well worth your time engaging Skyspan™ for commercial umbrellas to sit at your business. This is because many of our products, such as the Portable range of retractable umbrellas, come with the option of corporate branding. 

Umbrellas are hard to miss, especially when they come in the wide range of sizes that we stock. From 1.9 metre portable umbrellas through to the 5.6 metre hexagonal shade structures in the Typhoon range, it is possible to give your logo or company name a huge visual presence on the street, at the beach or wherever your business is located. 

Long-lasting advertising

We work with qualified engineers to create the shade structures available for your business, ensuring they can withstand winds of up to 148km per hour – that means that they could even stand tall in the gusts seen in Rockhampton during Tropical Cyclone Marcia. Clearly, your brand visibility will stand the test of time when you buy with us. 

This sort of strength is what we pride ourselves on at Skyspan™, and warranties that last up to 15 years should cement our place as a must-call when you need to boost your business. The publicity that our stunning, strong structures offer any business' outdoor area can really boost your customer base and get people talking – as well as keep them talking for the long-term. 

Contact us today to find out more about how our shade structures can benefit your business.