2 Shots owner James Stewart required Skyspan™ to design engineer manufacture and install a custom Panorama 7.5 Metre x 2.7 Metre Twin Conic Single Skin Cantilever Umbrella, with box gutter between front fascia of building and shade structure. Gutters around the outside of the structure were included. Installation, Footings & Concrete Included. The structure has improved James business so much, he has said as it gives him a more commanding presence and extra seating and shade. Clear curtains also provide protection from the elements and will be installed in the coming weeks. James has mentioned how his new patrons have said they did not know he was even there prior to the installation. It has increased his business immensely and we at Skyspan™ are very happy to hear this. James is a great guy with an enormous passion for his 2 Shots Cafe, be sure to pop down to Alexandra Hills shopping center at shop 48/71 Cambridge Dr, Alexandra Hills, back entrance to Alexandra Hills Shopping Center.