When it comes to getting time in the sun, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind. Whether it's putting sunscreen on before hitting the beach or installing appropriate architectural-grade umbrellas at your cafe, taking solar damage into consideration is a must. This is especially important as we head out of summer, as many people let their guard down and are less sun smart.

However, out of sight doesn't mean out of harms way. Here are some things people often get wrong when it comes to sun safety. 

It's not hot, so I won't burn

Incorrect. Ultraviolet radiation isn't directly linked to temperature, as the Victorian government's Better Health channel explains. It's important to check weather sources for the sun protection times, rather than seeking shade only when it is hot. 

It's just sunburn, it'll pass

Unfortunately, UV damage to your skin can be permanent. The more radiation you are exposed to, the higher the risk of skin cancer! The Cancer Council of Australia notes that every year, we have more than one million people coming to doctors for a consultation about this disease, so we have to be careful.

I have a tan, so I will be safer

As Better Health also explains, a tan can give you some protection, but only about SPF 3. It doesn't protect against skin damage, eye damage, or your chances of getting a skin cancer. 

As always, prevention is the best cure. This means creating safe, shaded spaces for people, especially if you own a business. Dispelling myths is one thing, but the next step should be to look at portable commercial umbrellas that can offer heat reduction, UV protection and more. The range at Skyspan™ is designed to last for a very long time, and make for an excellent investment in the safety of everyone.