How to Find the Perfect Umbrella in Brisbane, from Café to Commercial to Custom Made and Beyond

Whether you are shopping for umbrellas for your residential patio or your growing café, Skyspan™ can help. As Australia’s leading source for innovative custom made umbrellas, we have spent more than two decades servicing homeowners and business owners in Brisbane. From commercial café umbrellas to sprawling carport canopies to smaller and more portable ‘beach’ umbrella designs for the home use, we carry any type of umbrella or shade you can imagine.

The question is, how can you pick the right umbrella for your purposes? After all, Skyspan™ has a massive product selection, divided into numerous ranges geared towards different parts of the market. Also, we do custom made umbrellas in Brisbane, working with our clients to create canopy designs that are the ideal size, shape, and colours. We can also outfit them with all of the necessary features.

Browsing the Skyspan™ Product Range

Luckily, the Internet has made shopping for residential and commercial umbrellas in Brisbane an easy task. Today, there is no need for product catalogues, warehouse showrooms or physical storefronts. Instead, you can learn almost everything you need to know about the Skyspan™ product collection by clicking here.

This link will take you to a chart or matrix that organises all of the Skyspan™ umbrellas into eight columns and 26 rows. On the chart, you will see columns for each of the Skyspan™ ranges (Portable, Horizon, Sunset, Typhoon, Vista, Panorama and Hyper). The rows, meanwhile, describe the features, wind ratings, shapes, accessories, construction and design elements that are available on umbrellas from each range. Using this system, you can quickly determine which umbrellas are right for a residential backyard, which are best for a café in Brisbane and which are ideal for a carport—to name just a few of your options.

To help you out a bit more, we’ve described the basics of each product range below:

  • Portable: Our most lightweight range, portable umbrellas fit into tables, in-ground sockets or above-ground base plates. They can handle winds of up to 60 kph and are perfect for most residential applications.
  • Horizon: Horizon umbrellas nearly double the wind resistance of our portable range, for a rating of up to 118 kph. They are situated on centre columns and are ideal for café patios and other commercial uses.
  • Sunset: Sunset umbrellas have the 118 kph wind rating and centre columns of the Horizon range, but add a retractable mechanism into the mix.
  • Typhoon: As the name might suggest, Typhoon umbrellas are suited for Oceanside resorts and other exposed areas that face a lot of rain. They have a 148 kph wind speed rating.
  • Vista: Vista umbrellas trade the centre columns of several other Skyspan™ ranges for a cantilever arm, allowing for a wide open seating area beneath the canopy.
  • Panorama: Panorama umbrellas are tent-like, featuring a square design and attachable curtains and gutters. For outdoor seating areas at restaurants and cafes, these umbrellas are perfect.
  • Hypar: An innovative shade sail design, the Hypar is unique in the Skyspan™ collection. Visit the product page on our website and look at a view pictures of the canopy style to learn more.

Learn More about our Residential and Commercial Umbrella Ranges in Brisbane

Are you interested in finding out more about the Skyspan™ brand and our ranges of residential, commercial, restaurant, park and café umbrellas in Brisbane? If so, take a look at the product matrix above for additional information, and give us a call on 1300 667 176 if you have any further questions.