From Cafes to Carport, Custom Made Commercial Umbrellas from Skyspan™ Are Everywhere in Brisbane

At Skyspan™, we are about a lot more than residential patio umbrellas. While we offer design shade solutions for residential applications, we also build durable commercial umbrella ranges used around the world. From restaurants and cafes in San Francisco, gracing patios with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, to the scenic beachside resorts of the island of Fiji, our umbrellas are everywhere.

Skyspan™ Shade Structures

Our work can also be glimpsed all around Brisbane, and not just in the places you might expect. Our commercial umbrellas in Brisbane range in use from restaurants to parks all the way to carports. The latter specialty is arguably our most unique feature as a company. We are a global leader in the design of large shade structures. We split the difference between tents, umbrellas, and permanent structures, to produce canopy designs boasting unique architecture and engineering to provide shade, relief from the elements and more.

These large commercial umbrellas or canopy solutions have eclectic uses throughout Brisbane—as well as far beyond the city limits. From outdoor cooking and seating areas to carports, and from playgrounds and golf clubs to outdoor amphitheatres or exhibition halls, these sprawling shade structures have been used around the world to bring the indoors outdoors. Our shades and umbrellas protect all from harmful rays from the sun, as well as driving wind and rain.

The Benefits of our Custom Made Umbrella Service in Brisbane

If Skyspan’s™ focus on membrane and shade structures proves one thing, it’s the versatility of our team. Many businesses come to us for commercial umbrellas in Brisbane, thanks to their durability, their high wind ratings, and their terrific warranty coverage. What makes us unique, though, is the customisation we offer with all seven of our top product ranges. Whether you choose an umbrella from the Portable range for a residential application or a Typhoon umbrella for an Oceanside resort, we can customise the umbrella with a variety of different shapes, colours, sizes and special features.

The customisation extends all the way up to our larger shade structures. No matter what you or your business requires out of a shading solution, we can provide it. The sky is truly the limit with our custom made umbrellas in Brisbane, so whether the project involves an outdoor concert spot, a carport, a recreational facility or a patio area, we can design a solution that meets all of your requirements. Click here to learn more about how the design and consultation process works with our shade structure projects.

Whether the project is residential, commercial or public works, there is no umbrella-related job in Brisbane that is too large or too small for Skyspan™. You can count on us for your café umbrella needs in Brisbane. No matter where in the world you are and whatever the scope and needs of your project, we want to hear from you. Call us on 1300 667 176 to get started.