Outfit Your Café or Restaurant with Custom Made Commercial Umbrellas from Sydney’s Skyspan™

How many times have you had to replace your café umbrellas in Sydney? A few times since your business opened? Yearly? Once every other year? After a while, it can start to seem like restaurant and café umbrellas just aren’t built to last. In just a few years, a once beautiful looking patio umbrella can be rusty, fraying or drooping with obtrusive wires. At that point, there are only two options left: pay to replace the umbrellas or let customers deal with unsightly or perhaps even dysfunctional umbrellas. Needless to say, only the former is a true option—particularly if you run an upscale establishment.

Finding Commercial Umbrellas in Sydney That Are Built to Last

The question is, where can you find a superior product when it’s time to replace the commercial umbrellas at your Sydney restaurant or café? How can you find a brand whose umbrellas won’t break down so quickly?

The answer is Skyspan™. Our commercial, custom made umbrellas aren’t just popular in Sydney, but around the world. Take a quick look through our website and you will see our umbrellas in use at numerous high-profile locations—not just across Australia, but all around the world. From Federation Square in Melbourne to Southport Broadwater in Gold Coast, you can see our umbrellas in some of the most respected establishments and some of the most famous parks in the country.

Indeed, from Melbourne to the Caribbean to San Francisco, California, Skyspan™ umbrellas are used by some of the biggest resorts and most famous restaurants and cafes in the world. Many of the places that feature installations of our umbrellas are luxurious, high-end establishments, and you can trust that our umbrellas reflect that status. Beautiful, durable, versatile and affordable, our custom made umbrellas are the perfect shade and wind solutions for businesses both in and outside of Sydney.

What makes Skyspan™ umbrellas ideal for so many commercial establishments worldwide? It might be their superior wind ratings or the fact that they don’t fray, break or rust after a year or two. In fact, many of our clients contact us because they are fed up with the cheap umbrellas that some of our competitors have to offer. Since our umbrellas are so durable, they cost more than many other models on the market. However, they are built to last for years and years, which means that, in the long run, you will probably save money by choosing Skyspan™ over the lesser alternative.

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With stainless steel hardware and frames, high tensile structural aluminium and architectural grade high tensile membrane canopies, the café umbrellas from Sydney’s Skyspan™ are the clear antidote to the cheap and flimsy umbrellas that so frequently populate restaurants and cafes. You can make your outdoor seating areas more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing, all by investing in a range of Skyspan™ umbrellas. Call us on 1300 667 176 today to learn more about what we have to offer.