Replace Your Rusty Commercial Canopy with a Custom Made Waterproof Alternative, with the Help of Brisbane’s Skyspan™

It’s a problem that many a restaurant, café, resort, hotel, and park has faced over the years. After a winter in storage or a few years of consistent use, a canopy can begin to rust or break down. Some cheaper umbrellas or canopy shades just weren’t built with lifetime use in mind. For restaurant owners trying to maintain an attractive outdoor seating area, for or seaside resorts protecting their poolside patios with wind-resistant canopies, this tendency towards entropy and obsolescence is, naturally, incredibly frustrating.

Next time you need to replace your commercial umbrella or canopy in Brisbane, why not opt for a more well-built product—something that you aren’t going to have to pay to replace in a year or two? At Skyspan™, we operate under the belief that our customers and clients deserve more than an outdoor shade solution that only lasts a couple of summer seasons. That’s why, when we build a canopy, we make it strong, we make it durable, we make it waterproof, and we ensure that it is ready to stand the test of time.

What You Get from a Skyspan™ Custom Made Canopy in Brisbane

When you buy a Skyspan™ umbrella or canopy, you are getting an Australia-made product that is considerably more robust than much of what is populating the market today. For one thing, our umbrella designs are waterproof, with sturdy canopies and metallic construction that won’t break down or rust after a few seasons worth of torrential rains. In fact, we back our aluminium umbrellas with a lifetime anti-rust warranty. Pair this coverage with a ten-year structural warranty and a five-year canopy warranty, and Skyspan™ is willing to put its money where its mouth is as far as quality and longevity is concerned.

When you purchase a Skyspan™ waterproof canopy in Brisbane, you are also getting a product with strong wind ratings and excellent maintenance support. Our umbrellas range from wind ratings of 112 kilometres per hour on the low end and 148 kilometres per hour on the high end. Ideally, this incredible durability will keep you from even needing maintenance on your Skyspan™ canopy. However, if you do need a repair and your umbrella is under warranty, we will send out a professional to check your that your canopy is still in good condition, that all of the nuts and bolts are tight and secure, that the moving parts are well-oiled and much more. Other commercial umbrella companies might leave you high and dry after a year or two, but we will continue to maintain our umbrellas for the length of their considerable warranty coverage.

Order Your Commercial Canopy Today

If you are interested in ordering a commercial-grade canopy from Skyspan™ in Brisbane, or if you are interested in learning about how we can customise your design, feel free to get in touch. You can contact our sales staff by sending an email to today.