What to Expect from Custom Commercial Shade Sails and Shade Structures from Brisbane’s Skyspan™

Shade sails and shade structures are among the most versatile, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective ways to shade your outdoor spaces. While shade sails are popular for residential purposes—particularly to shade porch and patio areas—our focus at Skyspan™ is on commercial shade structures in Brisbane. These structures are large, spacious, and impressive, providing both shade and architectural spark.

Count on Skyspan™ for a Reliable Commercial Shade Solution

If you have a project that demands a commercial shade sail in Brisbane, Skyspan™ can help. Our company has a long history dating back to the 1990s. Over the years, the business has changed ownership a few times, but it has been under consistent management now since 2002. This consistency has allowed us to grow the company vision beyond Brisbane. Indeed, Skyspan™ shade structures and shade sails are used throughout Australia and around the world, including in the United States.

These days, there are a few things we focus on every time we get a contract to design commercial shade sails—whether in Brisbane or elsewhere. The priority is quality. We base our company culture on accountability and reliability. These factors transfer over to the products we build, which we back with full quality control and quality assurance. When you buy a shade solution from Skyspan™, you can trust that it has been carefully designed, tested, and approved to meet your needs and specifications.

The Process for Buying Custom Commercial Shade Structures in Brisbane

One of the ways we guarantee quality control at Skyspan™ is by building each client’s commercial shade structure from the ground up. Perhaps you need a shade structure for a carpark. Maybe it’s for an outdoor dining area or an open-air concert venue. Maybe it’s for a playground or outdoor recreation centre. When it comes to commercial shade sails in Brisbane, there are so many different potential applications, always varying substantially in size, dimensions, and style.

Said another way, there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution to commercial shade structures. At Skyspan™, we don’t pretend there is. Instead, we approach each new project with a full commitment to the client’s goals. When you engage our services, we start by sitting down with you to learn about your projects and its likely specifications. Next, we perform feasibility studies to make sure that your design is realistic, given the design concept you’ve provided.

If your shade sail plan is doable, we will move forward with budget planning, design, modelling, material selection, and manufacturing. By going through each of these steps—instead of just jumping ahead to the manufacturing stage—we guarantee the most well considered and fully realised shade structure for your site. Once through the design stage, we provide professional installation, structural analysis (to check our own work), employee training (so that your team knows how to manage or disassemble/re-assemble the structure) and on-going maintenance.

Bottom line, if you need a commercial shade sail in Brisbane, you can’t find a more thorough or quality focused company to do the job than Skyspan™. Call us on 1300 667 176 to get started.