Comparing Shade Structures – make sure your structure is designed and manufactured by a reputable shade company. There are many company’s in the industry that unfortunately cut corners so as to cut costs. Dodgy work is a bad side to our industry. Make sure your shade specialist is a member of the “The Specialised Textiles Association”. Ask for client testimonials and actually ask to see their work on site. Also a trip to their factory is a significant part of purchasing a shade product. As many company’s subcontract all their work out to others, unbeknownst to you the end purchaser, this leaves quality control issues, and warranty issues wide open, should there be a problem.

·         It is encouraged that Due Diligence be carried out when comparing comparative quotes!

·         Our In-House Engineer has nominated the associated Steel Member Sizes and associated Component Specification in accordance with the Site Specific Requirement!

·         Should our Competitors Pricing be vastly different to ours, the questions should be asked;

.        ‘Where are they cutting costs..?’…

.        Are you happy to be responsible for the consequences…?

.          Comparing Shade Structures is not easy, if your well informed and everything is in writing this will help when comparing quotes…

You would no doubt have seen NUMEROUS examples of poorly engineered, fabricated and / or installed Shade Structures out there!  These Structures are not only ruining what was a Prestigious and Inspirational Industry, but also tend to be a reflection on those who compromise in supporting these Companies, based on bottom-line price.

Our  Skyspan™ shade structures are custom designed to integrate easily with any public outdoor space of any size and shape.  Car Parks, Schools, parks, open spaces, aquatic centers, sports grounds to name a few. Low maintenance, heat reflective, UV treated architectural fabrics in either cloth or waterproof PVC membrane provide year round protection from the sun and elements. Every project is in house engineered. Every structure comes with a externally certified Form 15 and Form 16 so you can be assured you are getting a compliant to Australian standards shade product. We here at Skyspan™ are also Australian Made and CM3 Certified. With the same owner for the past 15 years. Skyspans™ history of work dates back to the 1980s with some incredibly award winning prestige’s projects having been done. Contact us at or phone 1300 667 176.