With new business development comes a need for more shading, as business and shopping centres create large levels of foot traffic and outdoor leisure areas. It is vital to ensure that these types of public and commercial spaces have appropriate protection from sun, wind and rain – requiring a strong and long-lasting shade structure.

This is where it is important to engage a trusted company with experience, such as Skyspan™. With a full team of in-house experts and long-lasting warranties, the umbrellas and shade structures available make excellent long term investments – no matter what the commercial development. 

With this in mind, the latest report from CommSec on the economic performance of Australia's states and territories is worth considering. This State of the States report has shone a light on the strong performance of Queensland in many areas, including commercial construction. 

This report gauged commercial, residential and engineering construction in the state, and found that at the end of last year, the Sunshine state was up 24 per cent on the average construction levels for the past decade. The Queensland government's interpretation of recent building figures also supports this. In November last year, non-residential construction work rose by 2 per cent in a month, while the same figure for the whole country dropped 1 per cent. 

Clearly, Queensland has been bucking the wider trend and seeing some healthy growth in its commercial construction sector. This means anyone looking at opening or expanding their business as a part of this growth should take into account all safety factors, and treat their business as an investment.

By engaging Skyspan™ for a commercial umbrella or shade structure solution, any business owner can benefit from wind ratings that stand above the competition, and can carry a warranty for up to 15 years. Make the most of the commercial construction, and get on board with Skyspan™.