Get a Carefully Engineered Fabric Shade Structure When You Choose Skyspan™ for Your Shade Sail Needs in Brisbane

Just because a fabric shade structure is not a ‘building’ in the traditional sense doesn’t mean that it’s easy to design. On the contrary, the best shade structures are anything but simple in design or execution. In many cases, these structures need to span more expansive spaces than traditional buildings do. Indeed, a considerable amount of architectural and engineering capability is necessary to design an effective fabric shade sail in Brisbane.

Skyspan™: Fabric Shade Sails in Brisbane Backed by Meticulous Engineering and Architecture

At Skyspan™, we don’t view shade sails or shade structures as simple designs. On the contrary, we take these projects just as seriously as we would take designing a home or blueprinting a commercial office space. We develop fabric shade structures in Brisbane, for everything from outdoor patio areas to playgrounds to huge parking areas. Some of these designs are temporary, while others are meant to be as permanent as any other structure.

Because of these demands, we pay close attention to the design of every single design that comes through our business. None of our work is tossed off, phoned in, or done based on standard rubrics. Instead, we customise every fabric shade sail we do in Brisbane. With a team of talented designers, architects, and engineers, we create shade structures and shade sails that perfectly match our clients’ preferred specifications.

Our talented team can handle any shade structure design in-house, ranging from the smallest and simplest residential shade sails to the largest commercial structures. Our commercial shade sail and shade structure designs have been used everywhere from golf clubs to resort hotels to shopping centres. No matter what your project is, our team can take your specs and pilot the project to satisfactory completion.

Our team is also willing to collaborate with yours if you have in-house designers or architects who have already been working on your shade structure. Some of our clients come to us with little more than a concept in mind for what they want to accomplish. Others bring detailed, complete (or near complete) designs to us, just looking for someone who can handle the manufacturing side of things. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, we are happy to work with you. Our goal is to create the highest quality shade structure possible, and whether that means drafting a design from scratch or taking a pre-existing plan and running with it, we are happy as long as you are happy.

Start Planning Your Shade Structure Today

The best fabric shade structures in Brisbane are the result of months of careful planning, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and analysis. At Skyspan™, we are strongly opposed to cutting any corners, which means we will walk through each of these steps in full. From choosing the optimal fabric for your shade solution (depending on location, size, function, design, and permanence, among other factors) to checking and re-checking every facet of the design, we take your project seriously.

Are you interested in engaging our services for your fabric shade sail needs in Brisbane? Call us on 1300 667 176 to learn more.