As we reach the middle of autumn, many business owners will be looking nervously ahead to the winter months. Hospitality businesses often thrive in the summer with their outdoor areas, which provide shade and a welcome respite from the sun. However, as the colder months set in, these can see less use due to wind, rain and cold.

This doesn’t have to be the case, however. Working with Skyspan™  commercial umbrellas can be a fantastic way of revitalising an outdoor area so it is ideal for all seasons – our outdoor shade solutions can be customized to your specific hospitality area, providing rain and wind protection and heating to keep your valued patrons warm and comfortable.

Keeping the heat up 

Even though the Bureau of Meteorology notes that many areas of Australia will experience wetter and warmer than normal conditions throughout April, it still remains that the cold months lie ahead. Creating an outdoor space that can stay warm and dry will be important for any business that wants to continue thriving.

By installing a commercial umbrella or permanent shade structure from Skyspan™, you open up the possibility for this. Among the numerous accessories that can be added to this type of shade structure are heated umbrella systems, clear PVC curtains and lighting.

These type of outdoor shade options come in a range of sizes. This provides long-lasting, far-reaching cover that can heat up an outdoor area and make it incredibly comfortable for customers and patrons, giving you an edge over the competition.

Keeping the rain out

As Rockhampton and nearby areas further north experienced recently, rain and wind in Queensland can be severe. Having the right protection for your commercial space can help you maintain a dry outdoor area all throughout winter.

The cantilevered Vista range of umbrellas from Skyspan™ allows for adjustment throughout the day, and fully welded architectural grade PVC membranes are ideal for repelling moisture and keeping the area underneath extremely dry.

Keeping up with council guidelines

These structures are built with expert engineering knowledge, and long-lasting warranties ensure that our highly skilled  Skyspan™ team can maintain the top quality of your shade structure for many years to come. This sort of protection cannot be matched by many competitors, and it ensures you continue to meet council guidelines.

For example: The Townsville City Plan notes that kerbside umbrellas and shade structures “must be maintained in sound and aesthetically acceptable condition to the council’s satisfaction”. The expertise of our crews ensures this.

To find out more about creating great outdoor shade ideas for winter, our award winning team at Skyspan™ today.