When the Australian Bureau of Statistics released its Australian Population Grid at the end of last year, it highlighted just how many people are concentrated in coastal areas of the country. It showed that while Brisbane had the third highest population density in the country, there was also a very wide spread of low population density zones. Given the attractive coastal lifestyle that exists around the city, it is no surprise that people wish to spread out and find more real estate in these areas.

However, with this spread of people around the wider Brisbane region, there will likely come a lot of seaside development, including commercial office spaces and wide-ranging hospitality and tourism development. This brings with it the need for strong, long-lasting architectural umbrellas, which is an area where Skyspan™ excels. Here are some ways our shade structures are ideal for coastal businesses.

Engineered for strength

Architectural umbrellas in the Typhoon range from Skyspan™ have a wind resistance rating of W41, which means they will withstand winds of up to 148km/h without failing. Our team of international experts and engineers have created a series of shade structures, manufactured in Australia, that are ideal for the coastal winds that can buffet your business. 

As the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) noted in its 2014 climate report, storms at the end of November caused damaged to a wide area of the state. Additionally, two tropical cyclones, David and Ita, impacted the coast further north over the course of the year. Having appropriate protection for businesses and buildings like schools is vital when these events occur, providing shelter for people and protection to property.

The range of Skyspan™ shade structures have fully welded membranes and stainless steel edge cables, while the Typhoon range of architectural umbrellas also have PVC covering. This offers strength that many competitors do not, and a wide range of wind ratings across different designs means a shade structure can be sought for many wind levels. 

Protection from the heat

The Bureau of Meteorology annual report also noted that early in 2014, heat waves persisted throughout much of Queensland, living up to the nickname of the Sunshine State. This is a risk that must be addressed by coastal businesses, with the correct shade structures being erected in outdoor areas.

Ultraviolet treated and heat reflective canopies on Skyspan™ architectural umbrellas ensure safety in the sun. This is crucial to help the people of Queensland. In Brisbane alone, there are just over 9,000 new cancer diagnoses every year, according to the Cancer Council Queensland. Among these, Melanoma is the second most commonly found in men, and third most commonly found in women. 

A guarantee of safety

Of course, it isn't enough to protect from the sun and wind for now – your shade structure needs to provide long-lasting protection. Tropical cyclones and heat waves are unlikely to fade away in the near future, so neither should your umbrella. When you make the investment in a Skyspan™ architectural umbrella, you can take on warranties that last for up to fifteen years. 

Our maintenance schedule, carried out by trained professionals, will have a detailed look at your canopies, joints, winding mechanisms, locks, sail tracks, nuts, bolts and more. Full written reports with before and after comparisons are given to you, and we will remove all manner of salt, dirt and grime that can accumulate over the course of time – especially in these coastal areas.

There are unique weather challenges that one can face when opening a business on the Queensland coast. It's best to be prepared with the strongest shade structures possible, and contacting Skyspan™ should absolutely be a part of this plan.