As a country, Australia loves to head down to a local cafe and get a tea or coffee – it's practically the national pastime. According to new research from Roy Morgan, 63.3 per cent of Melburnians have visited a cafe for one of these beverages over an average three-month period. Similar figures were seen for Sydney and Hobart, with Brisbane and Perth only marginally behind. In all of these cities, more than half of surveyed residents visited cafes. 

The frequency with which people do this is important as well. In Melbourne, 11.5 per cent of respondents said they visited a cafe 16 or more times in a month – that's effectively once every two days. This means business owners must make sure the right shading and decoration is set up, to cater to the safety and pleasure of this large cafe-visiting population. 

That's where Skyspan™ can be of magnificent service, providing ideal shade and commercial umbrella solutions that benefit cafes in a multitude of ways – including reducing the bottom line on the energy bill.

Cutting down energy costs

In a March 20 press release from the Restaurant and Catering Association (RCA), it was noted that the tourism and hospitality sectors are dominated by small to medium enterprises, which brings some specific concerns to the fore. 

"Businesses indicated reducing the cost of produce, electricity and gas was the single most important factor in improving their business performance," said John Hart, chief executive officer of the RCA. 

One way of cutting down energy costs is by providing viable alternatives to electric heating and cooling in a business. The federal government's YourHome website notes that the right type of shading can block up to 90 per cent of heat generated by the sun, which in turn reduces energy costs and the risk of sun-related damage. 

Get it right with Skyspan

Getting the right commercial shade structure for your cafe is crucial when it can reduce operating costs for your business. The Skyspan™ range of portable retractable umbrellas aren't just versatile, they come with heat reflective and UV-resistant membranes – ideal for cutting down on the heat and the power bills. 

In fact, the entire range of umbrellas available have similar energy-saving features. And with warranties lasting up to 15 years, they become much more than a shade structure – they become an investment that could keep energy bills tempered for more than a decade.