Owners of hotels and resorts always want to provide an ideal experience for customers, especially as the market gets more crowded. Research from Savills shows that as of the December 2014 quarter, occupancy rose to 72.4 per cent, while the average revenue attainable per room also increased.

This means more revenue is in the market, and could drive these commercial businesses to push for a greater market share. Part of this is ensuring that pool areas are optimised for tourists, and will consistently attract consumers in search of high-end poolside holidays. There are several ways that businesses can make this happen.

Using versatile shade

One great way to make a poolside area stand out is by having shade structures that offer versatility. The range of portable umbrellas from Skyspan™ is an excellent way of facilitating this. Ranging from 1.9 to 3.5 metres in width, there is a variety of sizes available, and removable sockets and plates mean that the shade structures can be reconfigured depending on the time of year or day.

This allows for a diverse range of shade setup, offering a new experience every time someone uses the pool area. Retractable umbrellas offer even further options for diversity in shape and shade. 

Dress to impress

A visually striking umbrella will always be something to catch the eye at your pool. The Typhoon range of non-retractable umbrellas is not just a series of large shade structures reaching up to 5.6 metres in width, like all other Skyspan™ products it comes with the option of customised corporate branding.

With these versatile options and a warranty that can last for up to 15 years, Skyspan™ should be your first port of call when you need a hotel or resort poolside area to truly stand out from the crowd.