Establishing long-lasting shade structures in Queensland schools is a vital part of keeping children safe. Cancer Council Queensland points out on its website that some 430,000 people are treated for skin cancer in Australia every year, a number that must be addressed. Schools must be properly equipped with shade protection that blocks out UV rays and will last for the long-term, which is what Skyspan™ provides.

And with the streamlining of red tape for the community use of public school facilities, it remains important to keep shade structures up even when classes have finished.

The Skyspan™ range of portable umbrellas are a versatile and strong set of shade structures, that come in many sizes and shapes. The architectural-grade woven PVC membrane offers heightened protection from the sun, and they can be relocated and placed in a safe locking mechanism designed by our world-class engineers.

These can be retracted and put away for safe storage when people are not in the area, but the easing of restrictions on how the public can use school facilities during holidays means consideration should be given to the public as well. 

In fact, the Queensland government Department of Education said as part of a recent policy development that "schools have an obligation to make their facilities available to the community outside of school hours". Conversely, members of the public using the facilities are obliged to keep the area safe and not damage equipment belonging to the school.

By keeping portable umbrellas and shade structures out when school is not in session, the public can also safely enjoy pools and parks that are situated in schools. Educators worried about wear and tear to their shade structure would do well to use Skyspan™ products, as all umbrellas come with warranties that can last up to 15 years – giving you peace of mind, and the public some peaceful shade.