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Skyspan™ WON tender for Warriewood Car Park Structure.

Skyspan™ WON tender for Warriewood Car Park Structure in Sydney. BUILT is currently undertaking major refurbishment works at Warriewood Square Shopping Centre on Sydney’s northern beaches. The works include new multi-level car parking with 1400+ spaces, expansion of an existing Woolworths supermarket, 26 new specialty retail tenancies, new amenities and parents rooms as well as […]

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Resort, Rolling Surf Penthouse shade finished.

Skyspan™ recently completed 2 membrane structures for Rolling Surf Resort Penthouses at Kings Beach, Caloundra. What a place to work, overlooking the pristine white beach and aqua blue sea. Such an amazing place to live or stay for a holiday.  The project was not without a few ups and downs, as we had to replace […]

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Skyspan won the Kooralbyn Resort Project.

Skyspan™won the project for the newly revamped Ramada Kooralbyn Resort. The resort sits on 822 acres and will become an  eco-tourism and health retreat.  Skyspan™ worked really hard on winning the project to replace the shade membranes across the resort. The resort is part of the largest hotel chain in the world, The Wyndam Hotel Group. […]

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Skyspan™ working with McNab at Marist College.

Skyspan™ are working with McNab again on a great project at Ashgrove QLD.  Marist College are building new facility’s at their school for their students. An Olympic size swimming pool with grand stand seating and overhead shade by the Skyspan™ team of course.  The project is coming along on schedule. With McNab stating this is […]

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Skyspan™ Won Gunnedah Tender.

Skyspan™ recently won the tender for Gunnedah Woolworth’s car park structure.  A new Woolworth’s with car park shade is on its way to the beautiful but sometimes very warm area of Gunnedah.   Skyspan™are proud to work on this project.  Always great to provide shade for Woolworth’s valuable customers. Are your customers looked after in this […]

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SKYSPAN Outdoor Shade Structure

Skyspan recently engineered, manufactured and installed a custom Barrel Volt Structure for Hillcrest Christian College at Reedy Creek QLD. The staff and students were most excited to be able to utilize this space and not worry about sun or wet weather. The permanent shade structure is UV resistant using high grade Mehler, Ferrari 900 PVC […]

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Keep kids enjoying the outdoors at school with Skyspan™

For those involved with childhood education, you may remember a time when kids (including you) would race outside the moment the school bell rung for lunch. After hours of being cooped up indoors, you’d relish the chance to feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, messing around in the playground.

However, […]

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Skyspan™ umbrellas: The ultimate all-rounder

When the weather takes a turn for the cool, and the sun finally relents from its attempts to fry the earth all summer long, you may feel like it's time to put away those umbrellas and sunscreen as you retreat inside for the next few months. However, there's no need to relinquish that prized outdoor seating […]

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Shedding light on Skyspan™’s Wayne Downie

With a veritable encyclopaedia of industry knowledge, the experienced team behind Skyspan™ Umbrellas have been creating world class products right here in Australia since the 1980s. Based in Brisbane, Skyspan™'s products provide much needed protection from the elements both at home and across the globe. 

Behind any successful enterprise is a team with a dedicated leader, who is an ambassador […]

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Preparing your business for extreme weather events

Forward-thinking business owners always ensure that they have a plan for the future. Whether it’s for the expansion of the business, or measures put in place in the case of a break in or theft.

One of the most punishing conditions however, should you not be prepared for it, is the sudden onset of extreme weather.

Due to […]

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