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Be aware of the burn in the colder months

When you run a business in the hospitality or tourism industry, it is likely you will be dealing with outdoor areas. Anything from a small courtyard to an expansive poolside resort area can become part of a successful organisation in these industries, but certain precautions need to be taken. 

Chief among these is making sure shade […]

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Heated umbrella systems for winter

As we reach the middle of autumn, many business owners will be looking nervously ahead to the winter months. Hospitality businesses often thrive in the summer with their outdoor areas, which provide shade and a welcome respite from the sun. However, as the colder months set in, these can see less use due to wind, […]

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3 myths about sun protection

Even though summer is out and autumn is in, that doesn't mean you should relax when it comes to protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays.
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How Skyspan™ can reduce your ongoing costs

As a country, Australia loves to head down to a local cafe and get a tea or coffee – it's practically the national pastime. According to new research from Roy Morgan, 63.3 per cent of Melburnians have visited a cafe for one of these beverages over an average three-month period. Similar figures were seen for […]

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Frei Otto: A true pioneer

When it comes to the tensile industry, few figures have shaped the way everything works like Frei Otto. Born on May 31 in 1925, for almost 90 years he has been at the forefront of design of lightweight, practical and beautiful shade structures that have adorned some of the biggest events in the world. But […]

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2 features of Skyspan™ umbrellas that boost your business

Commercial real estate in Queensland is on the rise. According to the Global Cities report from real estate company Knight Frank, Brisbane's fringe has added to its commercial property stock by 16.2 per cent in the last five years – the third best performance in the country. Incentives are strong, and the report is predicting […]

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How to make your pool area stand out

Making your hotel or resort's pool area stand out can be a difficult task - not so when you use architectural grade shade structures.
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Protecting the growth of Brisbane’s commercial output

More and more grade B commercial property is being left vacant, according to new research from the Property Council of Australia released on February 5. Announced as part of the Brisbane Office Market Report, CBD office vacancies reached an overall total of 15.6 per cent, a new high water mark. 

However, breaking this down further it […]

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Wild weather a reminder to be safe

A potential tropical cyclone is expected across the Queensland coast in the coming days - will your outdoor structures withstand the winds?
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How architectural umbrellas protect your coastal business

When the Australian Bureau of Statistics released its Australian Population Grid at the end of last year, it highlighted just how many people are concentrated in coastal areas of the country. It showed that while Brisbane had the third highest population density in the country, there was also a very wide spread of low population density […]

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