Customise Your Outdoor Umbrella or Waterproof Shade Sail in Sydney

Your business has spent weeks looking for high quality outdoor umbrella solutions in Sydney, but you have yet to find anything that meets your unique needs. Whether you are shopping for a restaurant patio area, a hotel pool, or a beachside bar overlooking the ocean, you cannot find an umbrella that offers the features you want and with the size and aesthetics that you need.

At Skyspan™, we believe that we can lend a hand. Since the 1990s, we have specialised in building custom outdoor shade umbrellas for businesses in Sydney and far beyond. Indeed, today, our products can be found in any of Australia’s biggest cities, in the United States, and even on the island of Fiji. The reach and popularity of our products speak to their quality, as well as to our talent of meeting all client needs, and then some, with our custom-made umbrella designs.

How Custom Outdoor Umbrellas Work

You are on the hunt for a waterproof shade sail in Sydney and have started looking into Skyspan™. You have just one question: how does the customisation process work for products such as this? Essentially, with any Skyspan™ project, our customisation breaks down into two separate categories: the design itself and then any extra features that you want your umbrella to include.

Design: Some clients come to Skyspan™ because they need a shade umbrella in Sydney that is an unusual colour, shape or design. These are the matters that our design team will concern themselves with while working on your umbrella. How big does it need to be? What are the necessary dimensions, so that it can fit in or around the area you need to cover? What colour or pattern is necessary to match the style of your outdoor area? The Skyspan™ team will work closely with you to get these answers and devise a design that meets your requirements.

Special Features: One of the factors that set Skyspan™ apart from other outdoor umbrella manufacturers in Sydney is that we can build umbrellas that are specialised and high tech. Do you want to illuminate your patio or bar area in the evenings? We can install soft, energy efficient lights right on our umbrellas. Do you want to be able to play music for your patrons while they lounge by the pool or enjoy their meals outside? Our umbrellas can include speaker systems. Do you want to brand your umbrellas? We can screen print logos, pictures or brand names right on the umbrella. Other special features include heaters, fans, gutters and more.

Order Your Custom Shade Umbrella in Sydney Today

To make sure you get exactly the outdoor umbrella or waterproof shade sail you want for your Sydney establishment, call or email Skyspan™ today. We will provide you with more information on the customisation process and start a back and forth conversation with you to learn more about your project and your needs. In the long run, our goal is to capture the exact vision you have in mind for your umbrella or shade sail—no matter the colour, shape, size or special features. You can reach us on 1300 667 176 or at