Forward-thinking business owners always ensure that they have a plan for the future. Whether it’s for the expansion of the business, or measures put in place in the case of a break in or theft.

One of the most punishing conditions however, should you not be prepared for it, is the sudden onset of extreme weather.

Due to Australia’s size, climate patterns are often unique to each state, so there is no universal guide for Australian business owners on how to best prepare. With the change of seasons, it’s crucial that premises are reinforced for the worst case scenario. With a few extra precautions, you could save yourself significant money in repairs to any damage, in addition to ensuring you bounce back as soon as possible.

Unpredictable weather events

While weather reporting can be a useful indicator, it cannot always predict exactly when, or how severe an extreme weather event such as a storm or hurricane will be.

For instance, tropical cyclones, such as those known to target vulnerable coastlines along Queensland and New South Wales as well as the northern coast of Western Australia and Northern Territory are notoriously unpredictable, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

“Cyclones vary considerably in their predictability,” says the BOM. “Some exhibit rapid changes in intensity or change course, speed up or slow down, primarily in response to changes in the surrounding environment.”

In the aftermath of the Sydney storms of April 2015, the Insurance Council of Australia reported 24,250 insurance claims across NSW, with an estimated $161 million worth of losses.

Securing your premises 

Outdoor seating areas can often be exposed to incoming weather, and not everything can always be stored away as securely as indoor furniture. A courtyard which might be drenched in sunshine one day may be thrashed by powerful wind and rain the next.

If you would like to continue using your outdoor area into the cooler months, as well as keeping your umbrellas in place to protect your customers and employees from the winter sun, SkySpan™ can provide a durable solution.

Engineer certified, our umbrellas are designed to handle the weather, come rain or come shine. Our Typhoon, Panorama and Hypar range are all capable of withstanding winds of up to 148 km/h while open. Don’t let your business become just another figure on the damages list, invest in products which you know can stand the test of time.