The tourist dollar is extremely important to the commercial sector, especially in Queensland. According to a December 18 IBISWorld report , it was noted that restaurants and cafes are expecting tourist spending to account for 30 per cent of total revenue in the near future. 

And with most of this spending coming from China and the United Kingdom in 2013, according to the report, it is important to make sure these businesses are equipped to protect visitors to the country from the Australian weather conditions. This means providing high quality commercial umbrellas and shade structures for outdoor areas, and making sure they last for the long term.

High end businesses the focus for tourism

Visitors to Australia also tend to prefer luxury accommodation and brands, according to IBISWorld industry analyst Ryan Lin. 

"In line with the performance of premium hotels, internationally recognised and luxury brands have been the major winners from strong inbound tourism from Asia," he said. 

Across 2014-2015, IBISWorld says hotels and resorts will generate approximately $6.3 billion in annualised revenue. Through to 2019-2020, these businesses are expected to grow in revenue by 2.3 per cent each year. This is because tourists, particularly from Asian countries, prefer to have luxury holidays that they will remember for years to come.

A crucial part of this is creating an excellent outdoor space. The Skyspan range of commercial umbrellas come with a wide range of accessories, including power points, lighting, heating and more. They stand apart from the competition with their sturdiness, versatility and warranty, which can last up to 15 years. 

Any business owner looking to outfit their hotel or resort with top-of-the-line shade structures need look no further than Skyspan. Equipping a business with our structures boosts appeal and will help you to take advantage of this predicted rise in tourist spending.