Are You Looking for Someone to Design and Build Your PVC Shade Sails or Shade Structures in Brisbane? Call Skyspan™

Are you in the process of designing a PVC shade structure in Brisbane? Whether you need help with site analysis, project design, architecture, engineering, modelling, component manufacturing or installation, Skyspan™ can help. We bring a slew of different benefits to the table that we think your organisation will appreciate. Read on to learn a little bit more about the reasons to work with our team for your next shade structure project.

Five Reasons to Work with Skyspan™ on Your Next PVC Shade Sail in Brisbane

  1. We have an experienced team: Designing PVC shade sails in Brisbane is a complicated business. Even for a relatively modest shade sail—something for an outdoor dining or seating area—you want to make sure the design, manufacturing, and installation all follow optimal quality control steps. At Skyspan™, you are in good hands. Our team has unparalleled experience in all matters related to shade structures. We have been in business since the 1990s and operating under the same management since 2002. Most of our core team has remained intact over the past 15 years, from designers to architects and engineers. We know what we are doing, and we want to put our very best foot forward for you.
  2. We are licenced under Master Builders: Especially for larger, more complex PVC shade structures in Brisbane, you want to make sure your builders are qualified to handle the structural complexities of the installation process. You needn’t worry with Skyspan™. We are licenced under Master Builders and qualified to install even the most massive, dramatic shade structures. We even conduct a structural analysis following the installation, to make sure every aspect of the installation is sound.
  3. We provide custom designs: Every PVC shade sail in Brisbane has slightly different demands. With designers, architects, and engineers on our team, we can meet these project-specific requirements every time. By considering your proposed site and preferred project specs, we can come up with a fully realised custom design plan for your shade structure.
  4. We are Cm3 prequalified: We take occupational health and safety very seriously at Skyspan™. As a contractor, we are prequalified through Cm3. Cm3, of course, is Australia’s top online system for contractor OHS and WHS prequalification. This qualification shows that we have demonstrated superior policies and practices for health and safety. In other words, you can put us to work installing and building your PVC shade structures in Brisbane without worrying that we are putting your employees (or our own) at risk.
  5. We are an Australian born and bred business: Skyspan™ is an Australian company licenced to the Australian Made Campaign. By working with us, you are supporting the domestic economy, instead of sending your dollars overseas.

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Are you interested in working with Skyspan™ on your next PVC shade sail or shade structure project in Brisbane? If so, we hope you will get in touch so we can start learning about your project. You can reach us by calling 1300 667 176.