Why Fixed Outdoor Umbrellas Are the Ideal Shade Solution for Restaurants and Resorts in Sydney

There are certainly a few perks to having movable commercial umbrellas for a restaurant patio or a resort pool area. For instance, when you can move umbrellas around, it’s easier to adjust furniture depending on the sunlight, the number of people using the space, the event at hand, and the preferences of guests. When you can move your umbrellas around, you can also store them indoors overnight or during the offseason, which can protect them from the elements and help them last longer.

The Drawbacks of Movable Umbrellas

However, at Skyspan™, we have also noticed some serious drawbacks to movable umbrellas, which is why all of the shade umbrellas we sell in Sydney are fixed permanently to slabs of concrete.

First off, when umbrellas are portable, guests tend to want to move them. Perhaps a guest sitting by the pool wants to drag their chair to a particular spot by the pool. That person might also drag the umbrella to their preferred location. Similarly, in a restaurant, if a large group of customers is pulling multiple tables together on the patio, they might also wish to position the umbrellas to offer optimal shade.

These types of behaviours might sound innocent, but they can do a lot of damage to umbrellas. Resort and restaurant umbrellas in Sydney tend to be large, heavy, cumbersome and difficult to move. Customers or guests who are trying to move an umbrella, therefore, might accidentally knock it over, bend it, tear the canopy or otherwise damage the umbrella.

Secondly, when your staff has to move umbrellas outdoors and then back indoors on a daily or seasonal basis, it is a significant drain on their productivity. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to purchase a more durable umbrella, one that can sit outdoors for days or months at a time without being damaged by the wind, rain or elements?

How Skyspan™ Outdoor Umbrellas in Sydney Break the Mould

At Skyspan™, we wanted to build shade umbrellas in Sydney that would solve many of the problems associated with movable umbrellas. Our solution took the form of a range of resort umbrella designs, all fixed and immovable due to their concrete bases. Guests and customers can’t and won’t move our umbrellas around haphazardly, which helps to protect them from improper handling and the damage it can cause. Our resort umbrellas in Sydney also boast high wind ratings and are manufactured with the very finest materials, to guarantee unrivalled durability and resistance to the elements.

Skyspan™ umbrellas come in a variety of different designs, shapes, sizes and colours. Some are available with features like speakers, heaters, lighters and more—all designed to give your guests a better and more comfortable experience. Whether you are looking for restaurant umbrellas, resort umbrellas or any other type of outdoor shade solution in Sydney, Skyspan™ umbrellas are the way to go. Call us on 1300 667 176 to learn more about the advantages that our range of resort umbrellas has over the competition.