Skyspan™ recently completed 2 membrane structures for Rolling Surf Resort Penthouses at Kings Beach, Caloundra. What a place to work, overlooking the pristine white beach and aqua blue sea. Such an amazing place to live or stay for a holiday.  The project was not without a few ups and downs, as we had to replace previous structures made and installed by another company which were faulty, rusting and not to the clients brief.   Skyspan™ love a challenge and were more than happy to work with Rolling Surf owners and in fact exceeded the owners requests for the new structure which is now to their specifications and will be rust free as all our fixtures and fittings are marine grade stainless steel and engineered wind rated with a compliant form 15 and form 16. We have now been asked to manufacture and install 7 more structures for Rolling Surf Resort. If only these other company’s realized if they listen to the client and stop cutting costs, they will not only get repeat business, and build a better reputation which would lift our industry instead of bringing it down. Skyspan™replace a lot of  other company’s work, in fact its a big part of our projects throughout the year. We have an in house engineer to discuss and design your shade requirements. We have all our work certified by an external engineer supplying us with the appropriate form 15 and form 16  documents were required. So if you would like your project done right the first time to alleviate stress, extra costs, and court cases please contact us on 1300667176 or email to  for a free quote and advise on your shade project. Or go to our web site and fill out an enquiry form.