When the weather takes a turn for the cool, and the sun finally relents from its attempts to fry the earth all summer long, you may feel like it's time to put away those umbrellas and sunscreen as you retreat inside for the next few months. However, there's no need to relinquish that prized outdoor seating space just yet with the versatile range of Skyspan™ umbrellas

During drier spells, you may be able to rug up and sit beneath the winter sun, but you shouldn't do so without first considering the UV risk. Just because it's not hot, doesn't mean that the sun can't still do some damage if we overdo it. 

Just enough sun when you need it 

In order to get our recommended dose of vitamin D in winter, the Cancer Council of Australia advises that for southern parts of the country, people should only be spending a maximum of two to three hours in the sun per week. In contrast, those who live in northern regions don't need to seek out sun exposure due to the higher levels of UV.

With Skyspan™ umbrellas, you have the benefit of creating shade whenever you need. If where you live still experiences significant sun during the winter months, you can choose to shield your outdoor area from UV. The same goes for regions that only see a sunny day once in a blue moon – if the sun comes out, our umbrellas are fully retractable with an easy to use interface that means you don't have to break a sweat. 

Umbrellas not just for summer 

One of the benefits of a Skyspan™ umbrella according to Managing Director, Wayne Downie is that you can easily put your umbrella down in wintertime, allowing the sun to warm you up. In addition, Wayne says he often gets asked why the company supplies umbrellas to notoriously overcast locations such as the UK. 

"They do protect you from other things beside the sun," Wayne points out. "The original umbrella was invented to keep you dry, after all."

For restaurants and cafes that do well with outdoor seating in summer, having a sail shade such as the new Hypar range can mean that you can keep up your number of covers during the chilly months. After spending all day indoors or at home, it's refreshing for customers to be able to sit outside in a sheltered area.

Add a few good outdoor heaters to take the edge off, and you'll be open for business!