The Specialised Textile Association of Australia awarded Skyspan™ overall winner for 2014 for Category 9: Tension and Air Supported Structures (coated fabrics, PVC mesh PTFE) 250sqm – 2000sqm

The owner of Safari Island required 2 membrane structures, one large complete wind rated UV protected design and utilization of an outdoor restaurant and entertaining area, and one smaller complete wind rated UV protected outdoor bar area using an innovative, durable, outstanding design located at the Maldives. Allowing as much natural light in as possible, so as the tropical elements of the island and sapphire ocean are in the forefront of the dining experience. To provide protection from the elements, whilst allowing an unobstructed view of the beautiful surrounding ocean.

Our project in the Maldives, on a remote island resort with an incredibly exotic location, provided a challenge. The language barrier, local work place health and safety, island protocol and local customs had to be respected and appreciated on all levels.  Working with our client entailed an enormous amount of time, careful consideration and energy which provided a step by step process for an outstanding membrane structure by our team for our client with an outstanding result.

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