Queensland is no stranger to wild weather, and a new warning reiterates the importance of being safe when conditions turn for the worse.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) issued a tropical cyclone advice for the morning of February 18, regarding a tropical low hovering over the Coral Sea. The BOM warns that it may develop into a category one tropical cyclone, and there is heavy rainfall expected. It is expected to impact the Gold Coast in the coming days. 

In a [put the date and say 'article' instead of report] report from ABC, more than 300 millimetres of rain is expected to fall in a 24 hour period beginning Thursday evening, which is something everyone should keep an eye on. Due to the heavy falls, there is a risk of flash flooding. Events such as this require adequate protection, and architectural grade umbrellas will protect many outdoor areas of resorts and public spaces from the brunt of this rainfall.

Protection of all kinds from this type of storm is necessary, and business owners across the Gold Coast will be checking that their outdoor covers will hold steady in this weather. 

Currently, the BOM reports that wind gusts will reach up to 85km per hour. Having shade structures in place are essential for all businesses in the area. Some of the many ideal structures include the Sunset and Horizon umbrellas from Skyspan™, which can withstand winds of up to 118km/h and 120km/h respectively, while the Typhoon range withstands up to 148km/h without failing. The BOM notes that a category one tropical cyclone's winds generally range between 90km/h and 125km/h. 

Information will be available from local governments and the BOM over the coming days, and information about outdoor shade structures is available from our website. This includes details on a wide range of umbrellas and shade structures and how they will hold up against the predicted winds.